About Residential Service

1. What services does the district provide?

The Travis County MUD No. 2 provides water and wastewater (sewer) services, solid waste (trash) collection, and recycling pickup.

2. How do I apply to set up service and how much does this cost?

There are two items absolutely required for establishing service with Crossroads Utility Services. LLC.  These are the notarized application and a security deposit fee.  For home owners, a third item providing proof of ownership will be needed if requested.  The normal method for initiating service is to apply in person at Crossroads Utility Services, LLC located at 2601 Forest Creek Drive, Round Rock, TX 78665-1232.

The security deposit fee is $100 for a home owner and $200 for a tenant.  A letter of credit cannot be used in lieu of the deposit fee and this fee is not transferable to another owner or tenant.  The security deposit fee will be refunded when the account is closed and there is no balance due.

If the new owner/tenant does not wish to apply in person, the notarized application with proof of ownership (if requested) can be faxed to 512-246-1900.  Once the application is processed, a Crossroads Utility Services representative will contact the applicant with the new account number and the deposit payment can be made by credit card.  Also, the notarized application, proof of ownership (if requested), and deposit fee check can be mailed to Crossroads Utility Services, 2601 Forest Creek Drive, Round Rock, TX 78665-1232.

For any questions, please contact Crossroads Utility Services, LLC at 512-246-1400.  You may also visit their web site at http://www.crossroadsus.com for more information.

3. What are the district's business hours?

The management offices at Crossroads Utility Services, LLC (the District's utility operator) are open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Emergency service calls to 512-246-1400 are answered 24 hours a day.

4. What do these services cost?

The District's basic service fee includes the water meter with its connection and solid waste pickup/recycling.  Charges for water usage are based on the number of gallons used and are broken into several rate categories. Detailed information about the District's residential and commercial policies, rates, fees and service charges may be found in the District's rate order: click here to view District's rate order .  See Rates for more information.

5. What about solid waste (trash) pickup?

Solid waste is picked up on Mondays. When you sign up for water service, the District's solid waste contractor (Allied Waste Services) is notified that you are a new customer and will deliver your trash and recycle bin.  If you have other questions about trash or recycling call Crossroads Utility Services, LLC at 512-246-1400.

6. Where do I pay my bill?

Your Travis County MUD No. 2 utility payment can be mailed to the address on the bill. You may also pay your bill in person at the offices of Crossroads Utility Services or pay by phone (512-246-1400) using your credit card.

7. When is the water/solid waste bill due?

The bill is due on the 26th day of the month and utility payments can be made with checks, cash, or credit cards.  You may call Crossroads Utility Services at 512-246-1400 to pay with your credit card.

8. What does it cost to restore service if it is disconnected?

If your residential utility service is terminated, whether because of customer’s delinquency or upon a customer’s request, the customer will be required to pay all current charges and all past-due amounts, plus the applicable administrative fee, prior to service being reconnected.  The administrative fee will be applicable regardless of whether or not service has been physically disconnected.  If payment is received prior to 2pm, service is reconnected that day.  If payment received after 2pm, the customer will be required to pay the after-hours reconnect fee to obtain same day service.  The following fees apply:

Administrative fee when meter removed. $100.00
Administrative fee when meter not removed. $40.00
After hours reconnect fee    (above fee plus) $35.00

9. Who do I contact if I have a billing or service question?

Contact Crossroads Utility Services and speak to a customer service representative at 512-246-1400.

10. Who do I contact if I see or suspect a water leak?

Call Crossroads Utility Services at 512-246-1400 and speak to a representative as soon as possible.  This facility is supported 7 days/week, 24 hours/day.

11.  What about electricity and other services?

Electric services are provided by Bluebonnet Electric Coop Inc. and are not controlled or managed by the district. Other services, such as telephone, cable and residential gas, are likewise provided by local utilities which are distinct and separate from the district.