About Us

Travis County Municipal Utility District No. 2 (the "District") is a conservation and reclamation district created by the Texas Water Commission, a predecessor to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (the "Commission") on December 13, 1983. Creation of the District was confirmed by the voters of the District on August 25, 1984. The District was created for the purpose of providing water, wastewater and storm drainage facilities to serve development within its boundaries. Subsequently on February 7, 2004, voters within the District approved the issuance of municipal debt to acquire or construct park and recreational facilities.

The District contains a total of 404.1 acres, of which approximately 384.1 acres is developable. The current land plan includes the ultimate development of 1,247 single family lots, approximately twelve acres of commercial development and the amenity center which is located on four acres. Development of single family lots commenced in May 2002 and to date, a total 648 lots have been developed with water, wastewater and storm drainage facilities. Additionally, approximately 2.3 acres have been developed as the commercial/retail center located at the entrance to the development.  Click on the following link for a complete history & function of the district.

As you are aware, the Manor MUD’s ( Travis County Mud #2, Wilbarger Creek MUD #1 and Cottonwood Creek MUD #1) population continues to grow.  Along with this growth is the need for additional infrastructure to expand our ability to provide water to new residents.  Work has been  scheduled for November 30  to December 1, 2021 , during this time the water system you  will likely experience discolored water due to the large volume of water needed to fill the newly constructed elevated water tower.  While measures will be taken to mitigate the water’s turbidity, residents are advised to slowly open a tub or hose bib as needed to achieve better clarity in their water.  The work will not necessitate the need to boil water and is being done under the procedures mandated by regulatory guidelines.  We appreciate everyone’s patience as improvements are made to your water system.

El crecimiento de Cottonwood MUD, su probedor de agua potable, sigue.  Acompanando este crecimiento es la necesidad de expandir la infraestructura para poder servir nuevos residentes.  La ultima face de la constuccion de la nueva torre de agua esta progamado el XXX de, Diciembre, dentro las horas de 9am y 4pm.  Se anticipa el movimiento de un alto volumen de agua mientras que se esta llenando la torre, que posiblemente afectara el color del agua en el systema.  Medidas se tomaran para prevenir que esto pase lo mas posible.  Se recomienda correr agua usando la llave de una tina o manguera exterior lo minimo posible hasta que se aclara.  No sera necesario herbir el agua.  Le apreciamos su paciensa durante la expansion y mejoramiento de su systema de agua.