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Notice: Stage 2 Water Use Restrictions In Effect

Consistent with the District’s Drought Contingency Plan, which is required by State law, the District will implement Stage 2 mandatory watering restrictions effective March 25, 2021 in an effort to manage the take-or-pay purchase obligations in connection with the District’s wholesale water supply and to conserve the District’s water resources. The goal for Stage 2 is to achieve a 20% reduction in average daily water use. Under Stage 2, landscape irrigation is only permitted before 4:00 a.m. and after 8:00 p.m. on the following designated watering days:

Address Ends In 1 or 7 2 or 8 3 or 9 0 or 4 5 6
Watering Date Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Additional restrictions regarding washing vehicles, filling swimming pools, fountains and ponds, use of water from hydrants, and wasting water also apply. Please visit and navigate to the District’s webpage for a copy of the Drought Contingency Plan, which includes the full list of Stage 2 mandatory water use restrictions. Violations of the Stage 2 mandatory watering restrictions will be subject to a $500 fine or the installation of a flow-restriction device, and repeat violations may be subject to termination of water service.

Travis County Municipal Utility District No. 2 (the "District") is a conservation and reclamation district created by the Texas Water Commission, a predecessor to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (the "Commission") on December 13, 1983. Creation of the District was confirmed by the voters of the District on August 25, 1984. The District was created for the purpose of providing water, wastewater and storm drainage facilities to serve development within its boundaries. Subsequently on February 7, 2004, voters within the District approved the issuance of municipal debt to acquire or construct park and recreational facilities.

The District contains a total of 404.1 acres, of which approximately 384.1 acres is developable. The current land plan includes the ultimate development of 1,247 single family lots, approximately twelve acres of commercial development and the amenity center which is located on four acres. Development of single family lots commenced in May 2002 and to date, a total 648 lots have been developed with water, wastewater and storm drainage facilities. Additionally, approximately 2.3 acres have been developed as the commercial/retail center located at the entrance to the development.  Click on the following link for a complete history & function of the district.

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