Pursuant to an election held within the boundaries of each District, Travis County MUD No. 2, Cottonwood Creek MUD No. 1, Wilbarger Creek MUD No. 1 and Wilbarger Creek MUD No. 2 (collectively, the "Participants") entered into a contract (the "Master District Contract") designating Wilbarger Creek MUD No. 2 as the Master District, charged with the responsibility of financing, constructing or acquiring all major water supply facilities and wastewater treatment facilities necessary to serve all of the Participants.

Water meters are read on the 21st of the month. Bills are mailed out on the 6th and are due on the 26th of each month.

Bills for residential wastewater service will be computed:  (i) on the basis of the average amount of water used by the customer during the winter season based upon the average of the monthly readings of the customer's water meter for the preceding December, January and February, unless another winter-averaging period is established by the Board (the “winter-averaging period”); or (ii) on the basis of the customer's current monthly water bill, whichever is less; however, any customer who did not have an approved wastewater connection during the prior winter averaging period, will not be entitled to use the winter averaging method and will be billed on the basis of: (i) the customer’s current monthly water usage; or (ii) on the basis of 7,000 gallons of water usage per “Living Unit Equivalent” (LUE) per month (based on the LUE conversion table contained in Article I of the Amended Order Establishing Rates ... document), whichever is less.